KIDS corner

Ministering to kids is our passion here at Solid Stone. We help children in their walk with the Lord. We use super cool worship services filled with excitement and continuous creativity to share the truths of Jesus Christ with our children each week.

The clique

There are a lot of influences playing on our students today. As parents, you know this.

What you may not know is that your children have concerns too. They are also asking questions to find answers that will define them. The youth at Solid Stone have safe ways of exploring these questions.

We want your students to experience Solid Stone as a loving community; grow through learning and living of the truth; discover, develop and exercise their gifts; and authentically display and proclaim the gospel where they live.

Praise team's an interesting word. It has different meanings for different people. We believe that worhip is honoring God through music, dance, video and the teaching of the Word. Our services feature contemporary praise songs and provide a dynamic and impacting time of worship.

audio / visual team

First impression truly matter and we at Solid Stone understand that.

Our audio / visual ministry is comprised of volunteers in various disciplines, including audio, video and computer graphics. Volunteers serve in creating an integrated worship service.

Can I hear and see what you are teaching me? At Solid Stone you can! Our audio and visual technicians have developed a state of the art sound and visual system allowing members to experience a completely integrated service from start to finish.

CUTIE psi phi

We are a sorority, we are a sisterhood! Cutie Psi Phi is a group catering to teenage and college aged young women. Our focus is to teach young ladies how to respect and love themselves just as God loves them. The goal of this program is to cultivate and encourage high scholastic and ethical standards while promoting unity, love and friendship.

cheerful givers, give BIG

God loves a cheerful giver and at Solid Stone, Cheerful Givers, Give BIG!

Cheerful Givers is a campaign started to help local shelters provide assistance to families in need of items such as lotion, toothpaste, deodorant, shampoo, blankets and more...

Helping others improves your self worth in many ways. Once you've given somethng to a charity that you truly believe in, you feel good about it. The money in your pocket went towards a cause beyond what you can manage in your daily life, a cause that combined with the similar actions of others can actually bring about change in the world.

Bible & blanket ministry

Warming hearts one blanket at a time. Bible & Blanket is an outreach ministry whose mission is to provide assistance to the homeless. This is done through resources such as blankets, bibles and toiletries. By providing hope to the homeless, we believe we can help elevate people out of their desolate situation and connect them back into society.

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food pantry

We are experiencing tough economic times. We understand that people are hurting. Unemployment is on the rise, the housing market continues to tumble while sources of hope continue to shrink. However, we understand that our God is a God of plenty. That's why we have partnered with food pantries in the neighboring community to not only provide hope, but also provide monthly groceries to familes in need.

Our mission

To teach the Word of God with simplicity and understanding; etching God's Word into our hearts, so that it may be applied to our everyday lives therefore empowing, uplifiting and impacting the Kingdom of God.

Each day the work of God must go on. We realize that the smallest contribution can help make a positive difference. As Christians, it is our mission to carry out the work and message of Jesus Christ and support Christian missions locally, nationally and globally.

Below are a few outside missions we support.

Reach the lost

It is our goal and duty to bring lost souls to Jesus Christ. Christ died so that none should be lost. Real love for mankind caused Jesus to open His hearts to all men, irrespective of race, creed and color and we at Solid Stone have opened our hearts and doors as well. We have created ministries and groups targeted for reaching individuals in all walks of life. So come and find out what Solid Stone can offer to you.